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Deaf Proverbs - A Proverbial Professor's Points to Ponder
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Deaf Proverbs Book

Cover of Deaf Proverbs bookCarl Sandburg once said: "Behold the proverbs of a people."

Proverbs are universal, hard-earned and time-tested truths passed on through generations. Like any other people and their cultures, the Deaf community and culture have always had their own truths.

Deaf Proverbs - A Proverbial Professor's Points to Ponder explores these truths and presents the Deaf perspective in proverb form with wit and a keen eye toward bridging the gaps of knowledge. Author Ken Glickman takes many widely known sayings and sprinkles them with observations from his own life and that of the world around him.

If you don't understand the concept of Deaf Culture, the book is for you; if you do understand it, you will smile with recognition.

Begin your journey, and remember --

"Proverbs are the wit of one man, the wisdom of many."

About the Book

At long last, for the very first time since the dawn of civilization, deaf, hard-of-hearing and late-deafened people now have their very own collection of proverbs! Containing 242 pithy proverbs, Deaf Proverbs touch upon just about everything in their lives and the world they live in.

Deaf Proverbs has a seven-page index of "proverbial keywords" in the back for quick and easy reference. By the same token, this index also gives the reader a great way to test his memory of the book's proverbs - where he can go through each proverbial keyword in the index and see if he could recall its associated proverb.

Ideal for Deaf studies in colleges and universities, Deaf Proverbs offers everyone plenty of food for thought and discussion.

With its elegant green marble cover, Deaf Proverbs makes for an excellent gift for someone special in your life who is involved with the Deaf in one way or the other.

And, yes, Deaf Proverbs is also great as a conversational piece for your coffee table!

Book's Specifications

  • 242 proverbs
  • Classical design
  • 5.5" x 5.5"
  • 256 cream-colored pages
  • 7-page index
  • Copyright 1999 by DEAFinitely Yours Studio
  • Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 99-070652
  • ISBN 0-9617583-2-5 Softcover
  • ISBN 0-9617583-4-1 Hardcover
  • Cloth and stitched (for hardcover only)
  • Proudly printed in the United States of America
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